Katharine Rowan

“Having Dinner” by Katharine Rowan
Namba, Osaka.
Late night meal at a restaraunt specializing in Takoyaki (Fried Octopus Balls) and other local Osaka hand-made dishses.


Katharine Rowan

“Waiting” by Katharine Rowan
Nakano Station, Tokyo.
Two young people waiting in the shade of the train overpass.


Nicole Hyein Lee

“Garlic Harvest” by  Nicole Hyein Lee
Jeju island, Korea
Two ladies are harvesting garlic in a garlic field by the road. Garlic is one of the major products of Jeju island.


Denise Tenio

“Takashi Murakami Remake” by Denise Tenio

Inspired by the work of Takashi Murakami, this piece is a re-creation of one of his iconic cartoon characters and surreal designs.